Education Reform Effort



 School Vouchers/Scholarship Tax Credits policy brief produced by the Louisiana Federation for Children in partnership with Gates Foundation/BRAF


 Effective Teachers policy briefs produced by Stand for Children – Louisiana on:

1) LA’s new evaluations system for teacher effectiveness (Act 54),

2) Transforming LA’s Tenure System,

3) Linking Effectiveness to Compensation, and

4) Retaining good teachers during RIFs instead of LIFO.

(These were also produced in partnership with Gates Foundation/BRAF)


 Governor's PowerPoint Presentation on Education Reform Package (PDF)  


 Factsheet on Governor's Education Reform Plan (PDF)


 Article: "Valuing Teachers" by Dr. Eric A. Hanushek of Stanford University's Hoover Institution


 2011 State Teacher Policy Year Book (Louisiana Section) by National Council on Teacher Quality