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Leadership Louisiana nominations are accepted year long.
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2015 Leadership LA Schedule

Opening Session - Lafayette: January 29-31 New Orleans: July 16-18
Houma/Gulf Coast: March 19-21 Monroe: September 24-26
Baton Rouge: May 7-9 Closing Session - Lake Charles: November 4-6


Louisiana's Future Depends on Quality Leadership...

Louisiana has many assets. Our natural resources and cultural diversity are well known and our human potential abounds. But to truly move Louisiana forward the citizen leaders of today must understand the complex issues that drive our state, recognize the opportunities that others might not see, and shape them into the reality of meaningful progress.

That’s the goal of
Leadership Louisiana. By enhancing the capacity of emerging and current Louisiana leaders to effectively address key public issues, it empowers civic-minded citizens to become involved in issues affecting their communities and the state. And they have.

As a nationally-recognized program, Leadership Louisiana strives for excellence in ways that are thought provoking and forward looking. It leaves its graduates with a renewed commitment to service, and a better understanding of solutions to Louisiana’s most vexing problems. Presenters, guides and program partners serve to inspire participants to build on their own experiences to expand the potential of the place they call home.

Today, Leadership Louisiana boasts a broad network of nearly 1,000 alumni from every region of the state. They are leaders from many sectors – civic, business, government, university, professional, cultural and nonprofit. Together, they represent a group of committed citizens who have made a difference in Louisiana.


"The opportunity to connect with the
most talented people in our state
is invaluable to our success as civic leaders."

-- 2002 Alumnus

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 Leadership Louisiana Class 2005 on the beach at Port Fourchon.


 Members of Leadership Louisiana Class 2011 enjoying a reception at the
Louisiana Supreme Court Building in New Orleans.